Save the Garden

The St. Bernard Community Garden needs your help!

For the last 15 years, the St. Bernard Community Garden has been a beautiful green space where neighbors come together to grow their food and their community. Where the burned remains of houses once stood, a diverse group of over 50 residents of West Philadelphia now gardens together, creating a lovely shared space that, like all community gardens, helps to reduce urban blight, decrease crime, and add value to the neighborhood.

The garden’s future is at stake.

One of the two parcels that make up the garden will be going up for Sheriff’s Sale on Wednesday, December 19.  Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell has very generously authorized the City to bid on the parcel in order to preserve it as a garden.

But the City has a maximum bid that it can’t exceed.

That’s why the garden needs your help! The Friends of the St. Bernard Community Garden need to raise sufficient funds to bid successfully against any developers that are seeking to build on the land.

If the City is able to acquire the property, any funds that are raised will be used to acquire the second parcel that makes up the garden, and which is expected to go to Sheriff’s sale in the near future as well.  We are currently seeking 501(c)3 status but all donations are non-tax-deductible at this time. The members and board of directors are fully committed to using all donations raised in the “Save the Garden Campaign” toward the purchase of one or both of the land plots that constitute the St. Bernard Community Garden.

Please help to preserve this beautiful green space by making a donation now.



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